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Iraq - Security situation (supplement), Iraq Body Count, civilian deaths 2012, 2017-2018 - EASO COI Report
Iraq - Security situation - EASO COI Report
Iraq - Targeting of Individuals - EASO COI Report
Iraq - Key Socio-economic Indicators - EASO COI Report
Iraq - Internal mobility - EASO COI Report
Mali - Country Focus - EASO COI Report
Iraq - Actors of Protection - EASO COI Report
Nigeria - Actors of Protection - EASO COI Report
Nigeria - Key socio-economic indicators - EASO COI Report
Nigeria - Security Situation - EASO COI Report
Nigeria - Targeting of Individuals - EASO COI Report
Pakistan - Security Situation 2018 - EASO COI Report
Bangladesh - Panoramica del Paese - EASO COI Report
Russian Federation - The situation for Chechens in Russia - EASO COI Report
Afghanistan - Security Situation - Update - EASO COI Report (2018)
EASO Pakistan Meeting Report October 2017
Afghanistan - Networks - EASO COI Report
EASO COI report Afghanistan Security situation (December 2017)
Bangladesh Country Overview
Somalia security situation (December 2017)
The Gambia - Country Focus
Afghanistan - Individuals targeted by armed actors in the conflict (December 2017)
Afghanistan - Individuals targeted under societal and legal norms (December 2017)
Ukraine - Asylum system - EASO COI Query Response November 2017
EASO Informazioni sui paesi di origine: Nigeria - Notizie sul paese
Afghanistan: Key socio-economic indicators, state protection, and mobility in Kabul City, Mazar-e Sharif, and Herat City
Nigeria - Practical Cooperation Meeting Report 12-13 June 2017 Rome
EASO Informazioni sui paesi de origine: Situazione della sicurezza in Pakistan
Pakistan Security Situation August 2017
Afghanistan – Rekrutierung durch bewaffnete Gruppen
Afghanistan Recrutement par des groupes armés
IRAQ - Meeting Report 25-26 April 2017
EASO Country of Origin Information Report: Nigeria – Country Focus
Eritrea - Servizio nazionale ed espatrio illegale
EASO Country of Origin Information Report: Russian Federation - State Actors of Protection
EASO-Bericht über Herkunftsländer-Informationen - Eritrea. Nationaldienst und illegale Ausreise
EASO Country of Origin Information Report - Eritrea. National service and illegal exit
DRC - False Documents - EASO COI Query Response
EASO COI Report: Afghanistan Security Situation (November 2016)
Afghanistan: Recruitment by armed groups
Pakistan : Security Situation - EASO Country of Origin Information Report
Somalia - Security Situation
Afghanistan - Security situation
Nigeria - Sex trafficking of women
EASO Researching the situation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons (LGB) in countries of origin
Eritrea - Country Focus
Chechnya - Women, marriage, divorce, child custody
South and Central Somalia - Country overview
Afghanistan - Insurgent strategies : intimidation and targeted violence against Afghans
Afghanistan - Taliban Strategies - Recruitment